Compliance for Alumni & Friends

Compliance Guidelines for Alumni & Friends

All members of the Yale athletics family are responsible for promoting and maintaining athletics compliance, including the administration, coaches, student-athletes, and boosters. Awareness of and adherence to NCAA regulations are essential to Yale’s athletics success. However, despite all efforts, violations may occur. Under NCAA regulations, Yale is responsible for the actions of its boosters.

We encourage you to contact the Compliance Office should you have any questions about or knowledge of a potential rules violation. Providing information about any potential violations is the best way to protect Yale and our current student-athletes, as well as to safeguard against future problems. Your support in our compliance efforts is greatly appreciated.

Contact Compliance

Christian Bray  
Assistant Athletic Director, Director of Compliance
(203) 432-7668

Ethan Sebert
Assistant Director of Compliance
(203) 432-9930